Some polaroids from “We Must Remain the Wildhearted Outsiders.” - Chase Lisbon
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Caught practicing.
Q: Darling, thank you for the lovely Blog. Keep up the good work. Being the Gurl that I am, your postings make me want more. My deepest desire is to be the receptive Bride of a 2 Gurl couple. Feeling injections while on my back, nyloned legs up and spread, is wonderful. My name is Betty and taking another Gurl between my red lips as foreplay is a beautiful.

Thank you for your note. Aren’t these fantasies amazing? Where do they come from? What was the triggering event that sent you down the path that ended in this fetish? Does it tell you anything about yourself, and if you understood it would it still turn you on?

For what it’s worth, your fantasy seems pretty easy to fulfill.


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#summmerrrr11 bestie<3
This is the worst excuse for bondage I’ve ever seen.  How did this get so many notes?

Right There #2 /DV

makes me wanna own a yacht
Girlyouwant:  Makes me want to date a guy who owns a yacht.